Ec'clectibles Gifts

Ec'clectibles Gifts

Mens Jewelry by Aagaard


At last a very handsome line of jewelry for men.  Create your own necklace or bracelet with base bracelets and necklaces made of leather, stainless, mixed leather and stainless steel, or nylon.  Add Aagaard beads to create a one of a kind accessory for the fashionable man.

Kameleon Jewelry

The most perfect interchangeable jewelry.  All base pieces are sterling silver.  The JewelPop inserts come in a multitude of different materials and styles, but any JewelPop fits any piece.  Warning!   Collecting JewelPops can be addicting.

 John Medeiros Jewelry


This beautiful line of jewelry is designed by John Medeiros  and is handcrafted in Providence, RI. By utilizing rhodium and 14Kt gold overlay and accenting with cubic zirconium, Mr Medeiros provides you with high quality, affordable, and timeless jewelry.   

Ec'clectibles in Frederick, MD, for more than 13 years, has gathered together an ever changing collection of unique gift items. The seasonal and Holiday collections change every year, but below is a selection of our most popular gift lines. 

Ec'clectibles in Frederick

Old World Christmas Ornaments

Here is the one Holiday line you can always find at the store.  Besides the holiday themes, this line of ornaments is highly collectible.  From Food oriented designs, to travel, birds, dogs, bridal, and daily celebrations - there is an ornament for that

Lampe Berger


First created in Paris by Maurice Berger in 1898, this incredible air purifying system is sold all over the world.  In a mere 20-30 minutes a day, you can fragrance your home, remove all odors, and sanitize the air.  The lampes are made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and there are over 45 fragrances to choose from.

Children's Books

We have gathered together a collection children's books ideal for gift giving.  Featuring the magical pop-up books designed by Robert Sabuda, and the incredibly beautiful and poignant books by Nancy TIllman.

Willow Tree by Susan Lordi

Let these figures created by Susan Lordi express your feelings.  The gestures and poses of the figures are designed to say what you have trouble putting into words.  To simply say "Thank you" or to encourage with inspiration, there is a Willow Tree figure for every need.

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