Ec'clectibles offers a full floral studio featuring everlasting blossoms and greenery of the highest quality in order to add the beauty of nature to your home, your place of business, for the holidays, weddings or any other special occasion.  A full array of stems, bushes, containers and ribbons are available to those who wish to create their own.  Or Stephanie Ransom, our floral designer, can create a custom wreath, bouquet, tabletop arrangement or swag for you based on your decor and needs  - a design that is uniquely yours to enjoy for seasons to come. 

Custom‚Äč Floral Studio Ec'clectibles custom everlasting floral arrangements

customer everlasting flral arrangements in Frederick

Ec'clectibles Custom Everlasting Floral Arrangements

Ec'clectibles Custom Everlasting Floral Arrangements



Everlasting floral designed

for your home or business